LikeDuck Blood in Chili Sauce(Mao Xue Wang)

simplified Chinese
máo xiě wàng

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The main ingredients of hairy blood are duck blood, cooking techniques are mainly cooked, and tastes are spicy and spicy. Originated in Chongqing, popular in Chongqing and southwest China, it is a famous traditional dish. This dish is to scald the blood and eat it, and the mash is the main ingredient.

Mao Xuewang is a special dish in Chongqing and one of the ancestors of Jianghu cuisine in Chongqing. It has been listed in the National Standard Committee's Cooking Standard System of Chongqing Cuisine.

Spicy temptation to the traditional Mao Xuewang improved and innovated, its soup red bright, spicy fresh fragrance, strong flavor characteristics continue to carry forward.

In the 1940s, a butcher surnamed Wang handled the leftovers of meat every day at a low price. Wang's daughter-in-law, Zhang Shi, felt pity, so he sold the stalls of the broken soup in the street, and used pig head meat and pork bone into ginger, pepper, cooking wine, simmer with small fire, add peas to boil soup, add pig * s lobes and fat intestines, and taste very good. In an accidental opportunity, Zhang's soup directly into the fresh pig Xuewang, Xuewang found that the more tender the boiled, more delicious. This dish is to scald the blood and then eat it. "Mao" is Chongqing dialect, that is rough and careless. and macho, shutters and other chop as main ingredients.

Ingredients: duck blood (white duck) (500g) soybean sprouts (150g) accessories: eel (100g), water hair belly (100g), pork (lean) (100g), ham sausage (150g), water hair squid (50g) cauliflower (50g) agaric (water hair) (50g), lettuce (100g). Seasonings: onion (50g), salt (3g), pepper (red, sharp, dry) (15g), pepper (5g), cooking wine (10g), monosodium glutamate (10g), vegetable oil (50g).

Excellent Mao Xuebeng is based on this to be improved by adding sea cucumber, Mao belly, eel meat, yellow throat slices, lunch meat slices.

Seasoning: chili, Ma pepper and so on.

The pepper, pepper, bean paste, ginger, garlic, salad oil into the pot, stir-fry fragrance with small heat, add soup to boil, remove the residue, and then put MSG, sugar, vinegar and other condiments. Slice the main and auxiliary ingredients, change the knife, fly water, add the boiled red soup juice, boil them, put them into the container, and sprinkle the onions. Heat the salad oil and add it to the pepper and pepper.

Mao Xue Wang is also called "blood boil". Its taste is spicy, spicy, fresh and fragrant with four flavors. "Xuewang" refers to blood tofu, generally with duck blood, a few useful pig blood, the main ingredients are eel fillet, furry stomach, squid, fat sausage, lunch meat and so on. Spicy taste.

It is spicy and spicy.

Palate: red vegetables, red and spicy, spicy, tender, fresh and rich flavors.

View: look at a red ocean. The authentic red blood oil is not less than half the oil in the basin, and it is oily and bright. Its soup is bright red, spicy and spicy, and its flavor is thick and thick. Less oil affects not only taste and taste, but also heat preservation. In order, we suggest eating meat, cabbage, vermicelli and so on. Because vegetable leaf is easy to "hang oil", it tastes more spicy. Step by step, first never eat too spicy.

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