How to Take the Train in China

A quick guide on how to take a train in China:

Step 1: Arrive at the railway station 1-1.5 hours in advance;

Step 2: Pass ID-ticket check and security check at the station entrance;

Step 3: Find the right waiting room and wait for boarding;

Step 4: Check in at the right boarding gate;

Step 5: Go to the platform for boarding;

Step 6: Settle the luggage and sit down to enjoy the trip;

Step 7: Upon arrival, get off and find the way out.

Now let’s look into the steps in very detail.

Preparations Beforehand

  1. Pay special attention to the departure station. Many cities in China have more than one station, so you need to make sure which one you should go to.
  2. Figure out your way to the railway station and time needed to get there from your place. Stations in many large cities have been connected with subways and almost all stations can be reached by city bus and taxi.
  3. Passengers can now take China trains directly with their ID certificate used for booking ticket, like passport, saving trouble collecting the paper ticket. Just remember the train number, carriage number, seat number and other necessary information. For those who are not confident with your memory, please print out or write down the train information beforehand. Or you can spend some time collecting your ticket upon arrival at the station.

Get to Station 1-1.5H Earlier

Always make sure that you have some extra time before the departure. Generally, it is recommended to arrive at the station 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. However, should you travel during the Spring Festival Travel Rush or holidays, you are advised to be 1.5 hours early.

Pass ID & Security Check

When reaching a station, you arrive at the square outside, in the basement or on the elevated motor way outside the hall. There are signs showing the entrances. If not, you can easily tell the station from other buildings by the continuous passenger flow.

Find the Right Waiting Room

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